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2015 RuffaloNoelLevitz - National Conference

Posted by John Fees on Jul 6, 2015 9:52:19 AM

We are pleased to be attending the RuffaloNoelLevitz - 2015 National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention in Boston next week.  RuffaloNoelLevitz_logo_copyFrom our experience, this conference brings together some of the greatest thought leaders on the enrollment trends impacting higher education.  

This year, the conference also includes a timely discussion by Karen Kedem, Vice President, Moody's Investors Service.  Moody's has published research that found that net tuition revenue declines at both public and private universities and they warn that "Regional public universities and smaller private colleges without a well-defined niche continue to face the strongest challenges," added Kedem.

On Thursday morning, we are pleased to also contribute to the discussion during a Showcase session called:

Utlizing Student Benefits to Attract, Retain and Protect Students

Student benefit programs are a cost effective way to secure enrollment goals while also differentiating colleges and universities.  The session will discuss research results that demonstrate the value that families see in alternative benefit programs and how schools are implementing new programs to attract high value students.  

Please join us to learn how GradGuard's student benefit programs can help schools overcome safety, financial and well-being concerns of families while providing tangible value to students.  In particular, we will showcase unique benefit programs including

  • Tuition Continuity Plan - which enables students to complete their education if a parent or primary payer dies unexpected.
  • Student Protection Plan - a bundle of relevant benefits designed for students including cell phone and identity theft protection, road side assistance and other unique benefits for students.

We believe schools can strengthen their enrollment strategies by providing affordable student benefit programs. 

We are convinced that when integrated into the admissions process, GradGuard's student benefit programs can create confidence in families and provide a tangible "promise" that will increase your enrollment yields while also helping students overcome events that may otherwise disrupt their education. 

Speak with us to learn more about how GradGuard, a service of Next Generation Insurance Group LLC, can serve your institution and students.



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College Life Protected

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