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84% of schools do not provide 100% refunds, but GradGuard's tuition insurance can.

Posted by John Fees on May 16, 2018 11:28:12 PM

Just a year ago, I was pleased to announce that schools and families now have access to world-class service and valuable protections offered exclusively through GradGuard's Tuition Protection Plan from Allianz Global Assistance. 

Indeed, our announcement came just in time.  In a 2017 survey of university bursars and student financial service leaders, 84% of schools surveyed do not provide 100% refunds to students who withdraw from college for medical reasons.

Thanks to GradGuard's collaboration with Allianz Global Assistance - it is now easier than ever before for college students and their families to receive valuable protection for the investment they make in a higher education.  

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If your school does not provide 100% refunds, now is the time for you to begin to offer tuition insurance.  If consumers can easily protect a $300 vacation with travel insurance, they should also have a convenient way for families to protect their $30,000 investment in college.

To learn more why this is a timely discussion, please download the presentation I shared at the annual meeting of NACUBO Student Financial Services conference.   

Download the NACUBO SFS Slides

If you are ready to receive a proposal for how your institution can provide a tuition insurance program to your students and families, please contact GradGuard and we will show you how, at no cost to your institution, you can distinguish your college or university while providing this valuable student benefit. 



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