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New Career Opportunities at GradGuard

More Evidence - Adoption of Tuition Insurance by Schools Continues to Grow

2018 PDG Student Financial Services Conference Presentation

Campus Fires Continue - GradGuard can help.

Survey Finds Families Struggle to Navigate FAFSA; Financial Aid Officers are Parents' Top Pick for College Planning Advice

2018 Campus Safety Magazine Article

Growth in campus fires and crimes confirm the value of renters insurance for college students.

The Top Five Reasons GradGuard Loves the ACUHO-I National Conference (in no particular order)

Testimonial - "Tuition Insurance Was Such A Lifesaver"

Introducing, The GradGuard Emerging Housing Professional Scholarship

84% of schools do not provide 100% refunds, but GradGuard's tuition insurance can.

2018 PDG Bursars Conference Presentation - Decision Design & College Confidence

College Confidence & More + Bursars 2018

URMIA - The Case for Student Renters Insurance 

2018 NACUBO SFS - Tuition Refunds & More

Reducing the Cost of College Student Withdrawals 

Education Dive Webinar on Growing Confidence of Students & Families

Helping to Reduce the Growing Cost of Student Withdrawals with GradGuard

"Look Right" - Helping Students and Families Take Informed Action Webinar

Webinar - Transparency - Helping Students and Families Take Informed Action

New College Insurance Search Tool Makes It Easy for Parents to Protect Their Students and Investment

Protecting International Students

Decision Design in Education - Make It Easy

Do you provide 100% refunds?

Taking Tuition Insurance to the Next Level

Student Health & Helping to Reduce the Growing Cost of Student Withdrawals with GradGuard Tuition Insurance

2017 Trends & Topics for Student Financial Services

2017 New & Improved - College Renters Insurance

March Conference Season & Data That Leaders at NACUBO, NASPA and Ellucian can Agree On

45% of Schools Surveyed Report an Increase in Student Medical Withdrawals

Student Housing Leader Joins GradGuard, an Authority at Designing and Implementing Student Benefits Programs

NPR Story on student Who did not complete her degree due to illness and is now defaulting on her student loan

Managing Property Losses & Damages from Short Term Residents & Summer Programs

Reducing the Cost of Withdrawals

The Biggest Crisis in Higher Ed Isn't Student Debt, It's Students Who Don't Graduate

ACUHOI -  Business Operations Conference

Professional Development Group Webinar On Best Practices for Disclosing & Managing Tuition Refunds

NACUBO Annual Meeting - Ensuring Student Success

Do you wish you could provide 100% refunds for students?

No Need for Hoverboards at ACUHO-I or on Campus

2016 Career Opportunities at GradGuard

Growing Cost of Student Withdrawals

Does your campus provide 100% refunds?

Helping Schools Protect Students

Renters Insurance For Summer Program Residents

Insights from the 2016 NACUBO Student Financial Services Conference

Data: Increasing College Completion Rates

Not to be Missed 2016 Conference Presentations

Hoverboards & Everyday Risks on Campus

Controversy & Campus Reports on Clery Data

Renters Insurance Discussion within ACUHOI

Twitter Voices for Higher Education & Safety

FEMA Report: Campus Fire Fatalities 2000 - 2015

"Transfarency" by Southwest Airlines / Transparency for Students

Transparency is a Topic Larger than Texas

Adopting a Preferred Renters Insurance Program

Do College Students Need Renters Insurance?

The Cost of Medical Withdrawals

Tuition Refund Policy Disclosure Process

Tuition Payment Plan Protection

Utilizing Student Benefits to Attract, Retain, and Protect Students

2015 RuffaloNoelLevitz - National Conference

Trends & Best Practices in Implementing Renters Liability & Protection Programs

Tell Us - What Do You Wish You Knew When You Were 20?

Impact of Student Financial Services Policies & Procedures Report by NACUBO

Common Practices in Managing College Tuition Refunds & Disclosures

Is Your Campus A "Mall" for Thieves?

Is College Worth It?

Who Pays for College When a Parent Dies?

Dr. King's Lessons on Leadership

5 Essential Questions for Higher Ed in 2015

Top 7 - Not to Be Missed 2014 Topics in Higher Education

The Real Issue: Failing to Graduate Is Costly

College Life Protected

Insights on student risk

GradGuard for Higher Education examines how unexpected losses can affect student success, bringing you the latest in best practices and trends for safety on and off campus.

Here you'll learn more about:

  • Risks on and off campus
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  • Effects of loss on student outcomes

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