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More Evidence - Adoption of Tuition Insurance by Schools Continues to Grow

Posted by John Fees on Nov 19, 2018 10:02:12 PM

2018 has been a milestone year for GradGuard.

More schools than ever recognize the importance and value of GradGuard's tuition insurance to schools and the college families they serve.  

And more media have reported on the value of tuition insurance to college students and their families. The Wall Street Journal discussed the value of tuition insurance in August and most recently Michigan's 9 & 10 News Channel featured an in depth report that demonstrates the value of tuition insurance to families. 

GG AGA TPP logo with Cap on TopThanks to GradGuard's collaboration with Allianz Global Assistance -it is now easier than ever before for college students and their families to receive valuable protection for the investment they make in a higher education.  

Given the growth in student medical incidents that may disrupt a students academic year, it is more important than ever for schools who do not provide 100% refunds to find a way to protect their students from a large financial loss.

In fact, a 2017 survey of institutions most school leaders surveyed agree, that it should be as convenient for families to protect a $30,000 or more investment in college, than it is for consumers to protect a $300 vacation with travel insurance.

5 year mental health trend chart

To learn more why more schools than ever are providing the opportunity for families to protect their investment, please download the 2018 NACUBO Student Financial Services presentation.

Get The 2018 NACUBO  Student Financial Services Slides


Indeed, as our GradGuard customer say's  "Tuition Insurance was such a lifesaver. It should be an option on every college and university website," – Mindy D., parent of a college student daughter who used Allianz tuition insurance.



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