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"Transfarency" by Southwest Airlines / Transparency for Students

Posted by John Fees on Nov 16, 2015 10:20:21 PM

Have you noticed a new strategic marketing campaign created by Southwest Airlines? If not, you can check the entire campaign on their website.

This is a terrific campaign and one that has lessons for many colleges and universities. No one likes to be surprised and yet many students and families report that they are unaware of essential information - such as the refund policy of an institution or crime rates that are requiured under the Clery Act.

Unfortunately, many college families feel uninformed or unaware of important risks that may impact their investment in a higher education.  A 2014 research study of more than 800 college parents revealed a majority of parents do not recall being fully informed. 

Transparency on campus is a growing topic and is an important theme of how GradGuard work's to serve more than 1 million students who attend more than 150 colleges and universities.  

We invite our higher education colleagues to discuss learn how we help schools become more transparent and implement processes that help verify that students have been provided notice of vital topics such as the institutions refund policy or policy towards property loss & residential liability.  

Please contact us to learn more about how our approach helps institutions and also helps families protect their students from unexpected financial losses through our student benefit programs such as GradGuard's tuition refund insurance and college renters insurance programs.

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