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Utilizing Student Benefits to Attract, Retain, and Protect Students

Posted by GradGuard on Jul 13, 2015 6:40:35 PM

Last week we delivered a show-case presentation with leaders in higher education enrollment management at the RuffaloNoelLevitz - 2015 National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention.

RuffaloNoelLevitz_logo_copyThe conference was outstanding and featured excellent content and speakers.

On Thursday morning, we shared a presentation that featured GradGuard's approach to Utilizing Student Benefits to Attract, Retain and Protect Students.

We spoke with many university officials who are under pressure to achieve greater enrollment numbers and net revenue with limited resources. There is no doubt that it is a difficult puzzle to complete.



GradGuard helps schools to strengthen their enrollment strategies by providing affordable student benefit programs. Student benefit programs are a cost effective way to secure enrollment goals while also differentiating colleges and universities.

There is clear evidence that colleges and universities provide unique value to students and their families to overcome what research indicates are growing risks and obstacles to student success.


The need for greater protections and unique programs continue to grow and we are pleased to have introduced two new student benefit programs of value to institutions and their students.   

Tuition Continuity Plan - which enables students to complete their education if a parent or primary payer dies unexpectedly. 

Student Protection Plan™ - a bundle of relevant benefits designed for students including cell phone and identity theft protection, road side assistance and other unique benefits for students.

Learn more about how your institution and help students & their families protect their investment in Higher Education.  

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GradGuard for Higher Education examines how unexpected losses can affect student success, bringing you the latest in best practices and trends for safety on and off campus.

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