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Education Dive Webinar on Growing Confidence of Students & Families
By GradGuard on Jan 30, 2018


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The growth in medical events that can disrupt a students education is a concern for everyone committed to increasing college completion.  The data in the chart below demonstrates the trends from the American of College Health Association national panel on student health.  

Growth in mental health issues chart.jpeg

The trends contained within the National College Health Assessment are valuable for higher education leaders of all types and particularly student financial service leaders who often have to administer the refund process involved with student medical withdrawals.  

Join this webinar by Education Dive webinar to see how colleges and universities are helping to protect students and their institutions from unexpected financial losses.  During the webinar, higher education leaders will discuss how demonstrating institutional concern for the well-being of students and also promoting a culture of transparency can increase the confidence families have in making their investment in higher education. 


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