Webinar: Introducing Campus Health.IO - A Platform to Help Institutions Monitor & Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus

July 1, 2020 2:22:50 PM EDT / by Natalie Tarangioli

Higher education administration have been asking themselves a series of tough questions over the past few months. 

  • How can we reopen our campus safely?
  • How can we reduce the spread of the Coronavirus on our campus and in our community?
  • How can we monitor the daily and weekly health condition of our campus community?

A growing need for campus specific insights

The answers to these questions aren't easy. But institutions nationwide are showing a strong interest in an overall solution to this unprecedented situation. 

In a recent research study administered by HigherEdStudy, 88% of schools  report they are likely or very likely to adopt a mobile application to monitor the health conditions of their campus. 

Mobile application & communications platform designed for college life

CampusHealth.IO is a mobile application designed to help colleges and universities return to campus safely and make informed decisions about on-campus activity.

The platform delivers a tangible way to signal to students, families and community members that the institution is taking visible steps to monitor the health of their campus community.


Mobile application to aid schools in making a safe return to campus


Campus Health Monitoring Tool

CampusHealth.IO is a campus health platform designed for contact tracing and health insights on college campuses.


The CampusHealth.IO platform is the latest development from GradGuard, a technology-enabled pioneer in developing innovative  protections designed to reduce the risks of college life. 

CampusHealth.IO is an important part of the tools that  colleges and universities can adopt to enable community members (students, staff, faculty and visitors) to monitor their daily health symptoms, while also being aware of the health conditions of their campus communities and being alerted to potential exposures to community members who test positive for COVID-19.  

Download the Webinar

CampusHealth.IO can further support contact tracing efforts and promote healthy habits while reducing institutional liability. The brief introductory webinar provides useful insights for all college and university leaders.

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Natalie Tarangioli

Written by Natalie Tarangioli

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