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NPR Story on student Who did not complete her degree due to illness and is now defaulting on her student loan

Posted by John Fees on Feb 2, 2017 12:15:39 PM

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National Public Radio published this story on student loan defaults and begins with a former student who did not complete their degree due to a medical illness.

The story reports that "in 1988, Latarsha Cockey signed up for computer classes at PTC Career Institute in Baltimore, Md. She hadn’t finished high school, and was hoping some extra skills would help her find a decent-paying job to support her young child. To pay for the classes, Cockey took out a $2,500 federal student loan. But she never finished. “I think I was there less than a month, because I came down with an illness,” she said.


This situation is sadly a reality for students at nearly all colleges and universities.  Ideally, this student would have had the opportunity to enroll in GradGuard's tuition insurance program which could have likely helped this student either repay her loans or return to classes when she was healthy enough to do so.

Student health issues are a real factor in why students may fail to complete their degrees. In fact, the American College Health Association's national survey on student health trends reports the following:health-chart.png

To listen to the broadcast from NPR click hereor on the link below.

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