Tell Us - What Do You Wish You Knew When You Were 20?

June 19, 2015 9:36:00 AM EDT / by John Fees

Over the past few years, GradGuard has often shared a terrific book by Tina Seelig, What I Wish I knew When I Was 20Tina_Selig_What_I_Wish_I_Knew_When_I_was_20_copy 

Tina Seelig is a well known Stanford University professor and her message is timely for all of us who are dedicated to serving students.  

It is also fun to consider what we have learned as individuals.  As a result, Please tell us - What do you wish you knew when you were 20?  

On a serious side, one of Seelig's primary messages is to recognize problems as opportunities.  

This is an important theme.  During an era when students are often anxious about the many growing problems they see around them, it is easy for some young people to become overwhelmed.  Seelig has a great message that demonstrates, in fact, that these problems are opportunities and that college students are particularly well prepared to help address them in positive ways.

Over the past few years, GradGuard™ has, in our own small way, tried to do just that.  

We have been helping colleges and universities turn the problems of helping students overcome financial losses that result from accidents, illnesses, death, theft, burglaries, fires and other unintentional damanges that occur each year on campus.  Follow this hashtag for more fun. #WhatIWishIKnew


GradGuard's student benefit programs won't transform student's lives the way a mentor can or the way a professor can impact a student, but they may just help a student stay on track and recover from the unexpected events that could otherwise disrupt their goal of completing an education.   That is a worthy goal and an essential part of our mission to protect serve students.

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John Fees

Written by John Fees

John Fees is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of GradGuard™. Fees is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he received a bachelors of science degree in History and is also a graduate of Harvard Business School where he completed a Masters in Business Administration. John Fees lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is married to Melissa Soza Fees, Ph.D. and is the father of five children. He is the Treasurer for the Arizona College Success Arizona, a Director of College Parents of America, Founding Director and investor in Tonto Creek Camp which provides service leadership experiences to 8,000 students annually. He is also an active member of University Risk Management and Insurance Association and the Professional Insurance Marketers Association.

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