Webinar: 2020 Student Housing Operations Research Study

June 19, 2020 4:59:00 PM EDT / by Natalie Tarangioli

There is no doubt the Coronavirus has deeply disrupted the student housing experience and new research demonstrates the vital role of leaders within student housing operations. 

In a recent research study administered by HigherEdStudy, 91% of schools agree that the COVID-19 crisis placed greater attention on the essential qualities of student housing as a meaningful part of the higher education experience for students, and the financial value it also brings to institutions.

Please join John Fees, co-founder of GradGuard, to review the initial results from the 2020 Student Housing Operations Research Study

View the Results

The webinar provides a preview of the survey results from 174 institutions, representing approximately 1 million students. Participants in the study include student housing administration and residential life officers.  

The survey results reveal how schools are handling COVID-19 and insights into how to identify potential challenges, risks, and functional gaps due to the virus.


Expected industry revenues down by at least 20%.

Key Findings: Institutions Strapped for Cash

  • 71% of housing officers served their institution as both an advisor to higher administration and as tactical leaders.
  • 60% of housing administrators are feeling the most pressure. 
  • 70% of institutions are reporting preventative maintenance and renovation projects.
  • 84% of schools are reporting that their institution will be adopting stronger financial risk-mitigation mindsets.

Student Housing Leaders as Risk Managers

With annual Clery Act reporting requirements, it has been well known that student housing operations leaders have had to monitor the safety of their residents.

However, COVID-19 has focused leaders on managing risks in new ways.  The research shows that 80% of institutions are responding by preparing space to isolate ill students.

This effort to bring about social distancing is the most prevalent move within the industry to protect students and campuses.  The webinar discusses other approaches that schools are likely to adopt as part of their plans to reopen safely in the fall.

The webinar also provides insights into the best practices emerging within student housing operations,  including finding ways to retain money and keeping schools open safely.

Topics: student success, College Life Protected, Best Practices by Colleges, Risk Management, Student housing, Campus Safety, college renters insurance

Natalie Tarangioli

Written by Natalie Tarangioli

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